A Critical Failure of Equipment!

From the moment it happened there was no doubt about it: There was no recovery and no way to avoid the situation – I had suffered a critical failure of equipment.

The piece of equipment that had failed was not a computer, it was not a motor vehicle and not a piece of machinery I was working on… but it was something much closer to home and in many ways, even more important.

Everything was fine until the moment of failure and then my whole morning changed…I was helping a colleague unload some boxes out of his car and I did a deep squat to place myself in the correct lifting position and as I did, my pants split from just under my groin right up to the waistband!   I felt a sudden rush of fresh air and a sudden surge of embarrassment and concern. Thankfully, as always, I had heeded the instruction of my mother in terms of the ‘clean underwear’ department and fortuitously my undies were black and so the exposure was not as bad as it could have been.

The problem was that I was required to stand up in front of a group on this particular day and to give a presentation…suddenly I was feeling less than confident and more than a little exposed.

I made my way to the bathroom to check the damage and to try to come up with a solution but my ‘MacGyver skills’ were insufficient and no amount of ‘gaff tape’ would solve this problem.

Then I remembered, just ten minutes away, I had a suit in my office and so all I would need to do was to get through until morning tea.

So started a comical dance where I always had to be the last to leave the room, sit on my chair as much as possible and if I needed to move, to always keep the front of my body pointing to the audience.

At the break I got to my office, changed and returned and felt much more comfortable for the remainder of the day.

No one likes the feeling of being exposed; we all have things that we do not want others to see. My torn pants made me think about the other things I hide away, the parts of myself I do not let anyone else see.

“For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.”          Mark 4:22

Maybe there is a ‘hidden part’ of your life that you may like to open to the One who already knows you so well?


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