Better late than never!

I was not expecting it and in fact I had forgotten that it was even meant to be coming.

5 years ago I stood and took a pledge when I joined the Army and this week I finally received my official ‘Commission’ signed by the Governor-General congratulating me.

It was kind of strange to receive something that took so long in coming; it made me wonder where it had been? Was it lost in a drawer somewhere? Was it sitting at the bottom of someone’s pile of documents? Was it forgotten completely and only found to be missing after an audit of the system? Did they hold onto it because they thought that I was not going to last? Did they think it was a mistake and that I should have been sworn ‘at’ rather than being sworn ‘in’? Or was it just that these things take time and that its delay signified nothing at all?

Interestingly, receiving this certificate caused me to think back over the last 5 years and all that I have experienced and learned. It means a lot to remember the promise I made and the opportunity and authority that I have been entrusted with. In many ways it doesn’t really change anything but the receipt of it has confirmed and encouraged me.

I don’t know if you have certificates upon your walls or in a folder in a drawer somewhere: they may be school reports, Diploma’s or Degrees; they might be commendations or awards; or they may be sporting achievements or a certificate celebrating something else you have done but whatever they are you have kept them to remind you.

Remembering what you have done can be a powerful thing; it is good to look back and not waste the experiences of the past. Looking back can also help to focus you for the future – we cannot and should not dwell in the past but we definitely should not forget what it is challenging us to do. Many things get forgotten and often we let things slip – many people start life with a sense of purpose and lose it as life moves on – it would be great if they could receive a reminder of it through the post.

There is an inherent truth that I have found worthy of living my life by – God has a purpose, calling and commission for each one of us – unfortunately many have forgotten, misplaced or never received it, even though it belongs to them.

Do you know what and where yours is?


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