What do you buy?

Just like you, I am faced with a dilemma at Christmastime. No matter how large or small your family is, we are all faced with the challenge of buying the right gifts for the people in our personal worlds…

What do you buy the guy who has everything? What do you buy the girl who buys everything for herself? What do you buy that relative who has nothing whatsoever in common with you? What do you buy that close friend who deserves a new car but you can only afford a toy one?

I like buying gifts and I enjoy Christmas immensely – I see it as an opportunity to express my affection and appreciation for people who are sharing my journey: I like my gifts to be suitable, enjoyable but also meaningful.

Like you, I have received some dodgy gifts in my time; I have had more than my fair share of gaudy ties, novelty socks and inappropriate jocks! I have had items that I would never use; books I will never read; and trinkets that will never see the light of day – but I have also received significant gifts which have taken my breath away; small and meaningful items which have displayed thoughtfulness and affection; and simple things which have become among my most treasured possessions.

Gift giving can be a hard nut to crack and often people default to buying everyone the same thing – ‘Soap on a Rope’ for the men and ‘Ferrero Roche Chocolates’ for the ladies… Television adds suggest you buy everyone a ‘gift card’ but it seems impersonal and a bit of a cop-out.

No every teenager wants a ‘One Direction Tee Shirt’ and not every man wants an ‘eight-draw tool chest’ – we are all different and we deserve individual attention.

I want to try and make sure that my gifts this year have three attributes: I want them to be appropriate, meaningful and personal.

My reason for this is that I think that our gift giving should mirror the best gift that we have ever been given.

Don’t forget what this season represents at its very heart – the fact that Christ was given as the ultimate gift to the world.

Appropriate – because we all need a saviour

Meaningful – because He gives us guidance and direction

Personal – because He was given for you.

So when you give your gifts this year – remember why we give and what message we are trying to convey!


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