Lost in the post!

It finally arrived but only after the second attempt! My daughter was very frustrated for the last couple of weeks because my Christmas present (which she had ordered online in November) still hadn’t arrived by the first of January. She had carefully selected precisely the item I wanted – a stylish chrome clock for my motorcycle and she had been ‘guaranteed’ delivery before Christmas and so she waited… she checked the mail diligently every day leading up to the 25th but to no avail.

Finally, after Christmas had come and gone, she contacted the vendor who told her that the parcel must have been lost in the post and that they would send her another.

My present finally arrived yesterday and it was perfect, my daughter was finally satisfied that she had got what she had paid for.

It is not surprising that some parcels go astray over Christmas – Australia Post estimates that $15.5 billion is spent online each year and that equates to 6.6% of total retail spending – so we are talking about thousands and thousands of parcels every day, everyone of them with someone who is waiting for them to arrive.

I wonder if my first motorcycle clock is sitting on a motorcycle in Austria? Or perhaps someone stole it as it travelled from the city of origin in China? Perhaps it may turn up at my house in a few months after completing a world trip? Who knows…

When you think it through, there are number of ways parcels or messages can get lost… they can get lost in the post, they can get lost in translation, they can waylaid for a time, misinterpreted or miscommunicated.

The outcome of all of these possibilities is similar – you miss out on what was originally sent and you are left with nothing in your hand or holding something that is so different to what was intended.

Unfortunately this is what often happens with the ‘Christmas present’ that we were all destined to receive – The message of Christ and the hope and freedom He offers each one of us. This Christmas gift is often lost in transit, or confused by the way men and women have ‘translated’ the message or wrapped it up in religious trimmings and traditions which are archaic and confusing.

I hope that this year you will open your heart to what has always been waiting for you and don’t allow yourself to leave Christ ‘lost in the post’!


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