It’s not what you know…

The plane was full and I had resigned myself to the news that I had drawn a centre seat on my late night flight from Perth to Sydney – 5 hours and not a lot of ‘wiggle room’. As we got underway and the ‘seat belt’ light was switched off I noticed that the passengers on my right and left both took out their laptops and started working feverishly. I really wasn’t looking over their shoulders but our proximity almost compelled me to observe what they were working on. The guy on my right was working on a document with a big clear heading which said “A current application of neural networks in Chemistry”. He was busy typing and so I went back to watching the movie I had put on.

A few minutes later my eyes drifted to my left and my neighbour was also working on a paper but this one had the heading “What role do Neurologists play in determining the outcome of stroke patients”. Now my interest was piqued and I thought to myself that it was a strange coincidence until I looked one seat further to my left and the last member of our row of four was also on his laptop reading an article which clearly was espousing some new discovery or research in the area of neurolinguistics.

This was too much of a coincidence and so I waited until the meals were served and I asked a question of my friend on the right and he informed me that he, and all of the people in this section of the plane, had just finished a 3 day conference for neurobiologists and neurochemists.

At that moment I had the uncomfortable realisation that I was by far the least intelligent person in my row, probably in my section and possibly even the whole plane. I would have liked to have a conversation about his area of expertise but it was late, he wasn’t particularly talkative and I was a little concerned that I would expose my ignorance if I just launched in.

So as I closed my eyes and tried to doze on my way back to Sydney I was reminded of a great scripture which both encouraged and yet also challenged me.

“Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom but glory in the fact that you understand and know me”                                             Jeremiah 9:23

So, it doesn’t really matter what you know and how much you know – it matters Who you know and how well you know Him!


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