Playing the wrong tune…

We sounded great, we were confident but we had obviously got it wrong!

I don’t remember exactly how it happened but I found myself ‘volunteered’ to provide the music at an important joint service of several different church traditions. What is even more interesting is that two of my kids don’t exactly remember how I managed to ‘rope them in’ to helping out as well.

The original request had been “Would you be able to lead a couple of your church songs at the service?” This was not a problem until a week before when I got a call saying “These are the two songs we have chosen.” The problem was that neither I, nor my band, knew either of them.

Usually this would not be an issue and I would just ask ‘the mighty google’ and an answer (as well as the music and a youtube clip) would help us out but there was nothing – no matter how hard I searched, I could not find the music or indeed any reference to the pieces we now had to perform just two days away. I rang the organiser and asked if they had the music and the best he could do was to hum them over the phone asking me if that was ok!

Eventually we found what we needed for one but the second proved illusive – all I had to work off was a melody line that had been recorded on what sounded like a kazoo. From that we worked out the music and practiced for the service.

The truth is that we played well, we sounded great and sang with skill – the problem was that a significant number of people in the audience made it clear that we were singing it wrong!

We were obviously too fast in some parts and too slow in others and we were greeted afterwards with comments like “Thanks for that – it is always interesting how different people play the same music” and “I haven’t heard it sung like that before!”

This reminded me how it is possible to think you are right even when you are wrong – it is possible to have good intentions but to still miss the target that you are required to reach. When it comes to the more important issues of life and how we are living it, we need to remember…

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD.” Isa 55:8

Maybe we need to adjust the ‘melody’ we are playing?


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