Who are you and who is He?

Do you work in a job where you regularly meet new people and need to be introduced or do you work with people who know you well and who are familiar with your special little quirks?

For the most part, I work with a large group of people I know fairly well, the rest of the time I walk around with a nametag on my uniform so introductions are unnecessary. But every now and then I get formally introduced to a new group of people (usually when I am making a presentation or teaching a class).

I find these introductions interesting – they usually start with your name and then list your qualifications or the experience that is relevant to the situation you are in. They list your achievements and they may bring up something interesting regarding your personal life or even try to mine a gem from the past that makes for interesting discussion. This is all for a good reason – they want the audience to understand who you are and the reason you have a right to be standing in front of them today – it is to build credibility and to hopefully open a doorway to those you are trying to communicate with.

If I asked you to write a short Bio, summing up yourself in a few sentences, what would you write?   Would you list the roles you play – father, mother, coach, friend – would you list your skills and qualifications – MBA, PHD, WDW (washes dishes well) – would you list hobbies, interests or just something quirky?

How you see yourself is often very different to how others perceive you: You may think that you are nice and friendly but the people you deal with may have an opposing opinion; you may think that you are the life of the party, you are fun to be around and everyone is pleased to see you – but is that what others see?

Whilst we should always be comfortable in our own skin, it is important to understand what others see in us.

Jesus asked this question: “Who do men say that I am?” His disciples answered “Some say you are one of the prophets, John the Baptist or Jeremiah…” Jesus obviously displayed attributes of all of them but He pressed the question further “Who do you say that I am?”

As we approach Easter just a week away I would encourage you to ask yourself two questions – “Who am I really?” and …“Who is He?”


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