Take a fresh look!

What did you see last week?

What are you looking at today?

Is it something that is awe-inspiring, life changing or revolutionary?

Many of the promos on TV promise that certain shows or exposés are going to ‘change your life’ when in fact they are nothing out of the ordinary; actually they barely pass ‘interesting’.

Perhaps you are heading to the Easter Show hoping to see something spectacular, or maybe you have something else planned that will bring before your eyes something out of the ordinary: a blockbuster movie; a bush walk to an unvisited destination; an art gallery or a sporting event that promises to be a spectacle.

What are you going to look at this Easter?

As always, I hope that you enjoy your celebrations, I hope you feel the warmth of the presence of family and friends, I hope you are relaxed and refreshed by a few days off – but I also hope that your eyes are open and that you see what there is to see.

I hope you don’t only see chocolate or entertainment or the limited confines of your ‘normal’ life – I hope that you see what there is to see.

I hope you see love on display as you look at Jesus Christ who was willing to die for you.

I hope you see hope confirmed as the reality of death is overthrown as Christ is raised to life.

I hope you see faith alive and well as millions of Christians word-wide celebrate Him…

but most importantly I hope that you see Him!


If you look at the sun in the sky unshielded, you will hurt your eyes, it will change you but not for the better but if you take a fresh look at the Cross this Easter it could transform you and dramatically impact the limitations and challenges of your life.

This is what happened to the Roman Centurion who was in charge of Jesus’ crucifixion…

“So when the centurion, who stood opposite Him, saw that He cried out like this and breathed His last, he said, “Truly this Man was the Son of God!””                                            Mark 15:39


So whatever you do this Easter – take a fresh look at the Cross and see something new!


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