Not Spam…

Every single day I get at least 50 of them and most of the time I just ignore them for what there are. I am sure that you have the same problem as I do and that is … SPAM.

I am not talking about the questionable luncheon meat but the uninterrupted stream of inane promises to give me $40,000,000.00 if I provide details of my bank accounts to a recently deposed Nigerian Prince. These email promises are a significant waste of time and energy. Mostly they are easy to spot for what they are but occasionally one stands out from the crowd. This week I came across a new one – A letter telling me that I had to appear in court on a certain date.   The goal was that I would open the attachment which contained the supposed “details” and, the program hidden within it would then track my personal information and leave me vulnerable to cyber theft.

The trap was that I would respond out of one of two emotions – curiosity or fear. “Who could be taking me to court?” or “What if I have done something wrong that I didn’t know about?”   Spammers make a career out of playing upon people’s vulnerabilities and their emotions. They appeal to greed, the desire to get rich quick, loneliness, ignorance and as I have said…fear.

We get so many spam messages that we now have programs which automatically ‘filter’ our email and wipe out most of the spam. The only problem is that occasionally a message ends up in my spam file incorrectly – it is actually quite important. So I have to ‘filter my filter’ to ensure that nothing is being missed that should go through.

A few days ago I received a message from Hudson from Kenya – it fell into my spam file because it obviously met some of the common criteria – the fact was that I knew Hudson and I had not heard from him in over 15 years. It was an opportunity to reconnect and rekindle a friendship which had been dormant for some time…but I had to check and then I had to hit the button which said that this message and this sender is “Not Spam”! Hudson is now on my ‘trusted senders’ list.

I hope you can tell the difference and are not filtering out messages which you need to hear.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ Matthew 4:4


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