A debt too large to pay!

It happens every time I drive past and see the sign, it happens when they send me an email to remind me, and it happens whenever I visit someone in hospital…I realise that I am in debt.

The debt I am referring to is not financial but it is a debt in blood – not some kind of weird pact which I have taken – but a debt I committed to when my son was born and needed life saving treatment including dozens of units of blood.

At that time I committed to becoming a regular blood donor so that I could ‘balance’ my account and ensure that there would be supply for the next person that may need it – I have been doing it for a long time but I have fallen out of the habit a little in the past couple of years. However, I received an email this morning which has strengthened my resolve once more and I have put an appointment in my diary to lie down again and give what I can so easily.

This weekend we come face to face with others whom we are indebted too. We recall 100 years of ANZAC and the selfless sacrifice of over 102,000 men and women who have given up their lives in armed conflicts over the last 100 years. I have the privilege of currently serving in the Australian Army and I feel a special ‘weight’ upon me to take time out and to carefully remember those who have gone before.

I am sure that you have a sense of the significance of all that you possess because others where willing to make sacrifice for you.

We may not know their names, we may not know all of their stories but we know that they gave up their lives for their nation and for our future. Our debt of gratitude can only be paid for by our remembrance and the challenge is again spoken before us – Lest we forget.

Blood spilled, future assured – it was true at Gallipoli and during all wars since – it was true in the hospital with my son gaining life-giving supply from someone else’s generosity – it was true when Jesus gave His life upon the cross.

It is our responsibility to remember that…

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

I hope your ANZAC day is filled with remembrance and joy at all that others have made available to you!


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