Surviving the storms

The rain had started to fall as we were leaving home but by the time we arrived in Queensland the storms really struck in earnest. The fact that we were surrounded by good weather and fairly warm conditions made me feel further from home than I actually was and when I started to watch the news and saw that Hornsby received such a hammering it made me glad that I had managed to clean out the gutters the day before.

But then I started to get reports from home:

The first was a text message with a photo of our back garden which now had an interesting piece of modern art where our gazebo and used to stand…it was now just a twist of metal and canvas which obviously would never be the same again; Next it was reports of leaking doorframes, walls and water migrating its way across the slab of our house and slowly causing the carpets to grow damper and damper; and then it was a an update on the church building which was ‘only’ leaking in 3 places…

As hours passed into days, it became clear that the storm was going to last a while and still the sun was shining in Queensland and the reports regarding the storms kept flooding in like the water into so many peoples homes. Trees fell down, power lines were cut, carpets were damaged, basements and underground car parks were flooded and very carpet cleaning machine was working overtime for at least a week!

Eventually the storm subsided and people started the task of cleaning up the debris and getting back to normal. As always, it could have been much worse and we all (hopefully) found a moment to count our blessings not just to curse the storm.

This is of course the challenge that we face…how do you respond to the storms which come your way?

Some storms are short lived and easy to move past…they are uncomfortable but you can recover immediately. Other storms are more violent and destructive… leaving effects which require concerted effort to remedy. Still other storms are protracted and devastating leaving a lasting reminder of where they have been and what you have lost.

I hope that you have survived the storm without too many ill effects but I also hope that you have the resources ready for the next storm you may have to face – whatever that is.    Remember…

“The Lord is a strength to the needy in distress, a refuge from the storm”                Isaiah 25:4


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