When the lights are off…

It is a small thing and I am not really complaining because I know that many others are far worse off than me but it makes things difficult. I have been without lights in my office for the last week and a half – ever since the big storm came and overflowed everyone’s gutters, filled our ceilings and leaked into our homes.

I attempted to reset the circuit breakers but they kept tripping off, pointing to the fact that there is a pool of water somewhere in the roof causing a short circuit and someone with training and skills will have to come and work this one out.

I have power, I have Internet but I just don’t have lights. I can work through the day (I can open the curtains and let more light in), I can take my appointments so nothing really is different – but it just doesn’t seem the same.

I know it is crazy but my office feels colder – even though the fluorescent lights give off very little heat. My office feels smaller – the walls seem closer in and it is much less comfortable than before. I cannot see as well – usually I can read without problem in my well-lit office but this last week I have had to wear my glasses all day. My days are shorter – I usually get to my desk pretty early and some days I leave after dark – but not this week. I have spent as little time as possible working in my office; I have deliberately planned activities which kept me on the road.

I know that sometime in the next few days an electrician will come and sort out this little problem and everything will go back to normal and I will probably forget about it. But when you face a challenge – no matter how small – there are often lessons to be learned from it.

This rainy, stormy season has probably taught you many things as it has me. But the most important lesson I have learned is how much I appreciate the light.

You often don’t recognise how important something is until it is missing – perhaps you are missing the warmth, expansion, and vision that is actually available to you. Remember – He (Jesus) is the ‘Light of the World’!

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all men and women. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.” John 1:4–5


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