The popped button…

I had noticed that it was coming a bit loose but I just kept forgetting to fix it and then I caught it on the edge of the table and it just ‘popped’ off. It was one of the buttons in the centre of the jacket of my uniform – right where everyone could see it. Thankfully it happened late in the day and I managed to get through unnoticed but I needed to do something because I was giving a presentation the next morning. If I had been at home it would not have been an issue but because I was away, I had to use the resources available. What was needed was needle and thread but the thread needed to be khaki in colour. Unsurprisingly, the local 7/11 does not specialize in sewing materials and haberdashery but they did have an emergency sewing kit – $4.50 for one needle, white thread and a single button large enough to fix a sofa.

Having limited options I grabbed the kit, headed back to my room, and sewed on the original button that I had thankfully retrieved – but the more I looked at myself in the mirror the more self-conscious I became…no matter from what angle I looked, all I could see was the conspicuous white thread in the centre of the button in the centre of my jacket.

The next morning I got dressed and checked the mirror once more and sure enough my eyes only fell upon the flaw – the anomaly – the item that had not been completely fixed.

All through the day at different times I found myself thinking about the button and wondering if anyone had noticed – It was such a small thing and yet it felt like something more. The fact was that no-one else noticed, or if they did, they didn’t make a comment. I possibly was worried over nothing – but let me tell you that as soon as I got home I made sure that I re-sewed the button with the right thread.

The next time I put on that jacket I stopped and was reminded of a scripture…

“Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing.” Luke 12:23

I thought about the things in my live that had been ‘re-sewn’ and wondered if they had been fixed completely and correctly? Maybe I just used the best available at the time and maybe there is a better, more complete solution waiting? So – How are your buttons looking?


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