Going the wrong way!

He had a look on his face of determined commitment and absolute confidence that he had done the right thing but he was wrong, wrong, wrong!

I was enjoying the traffic on a 6 lane highway – Sydney was living up to its reputation and all 6 lanes looked like a crowded carpark at Christmas. I was the first car in the outside lane and was waiting for the traffic lights to change. I was adjacent to a petrol station and the front of my car was across its driveway. Without any previous warning a guy in a car from the other side of the road decided that he was going to cut across the 3 lanes of traffic and enter the service station. The only problems were:

1) I was in the way

2) He was crossing the road on a red light

3) There was absolutely no ‘wiggle room’ to make this maneuver possible.

So here he is…less than a half a metre from my front bumper expecting to be able to enter the service station. I had a line of cars following me – I couldn’t go forward, I couldn’t go backwards – he couldn’t move forward or backwards

– the two inner lanes were also blocked because of where his car ended up and so it was a complete impasse.

So there he sat – with a determined and stubborn look on his face which was saying loudly to me “Well idiot…look what you have done now!”

We sat like this for probably 20 seconds but it felt like an age – but he didn’t move at all.

I looked at the cars to the right of me and they were just shaking their heads – still he didn’t move – still the determined stare. Finally, we tried to ‘inch’ our cars together and after 4 different movements back and forth there was just enough room for this guy to enter the driveway. The road finally was clear and we were able to move on… No wave, no thanks, no acknowledgement of what he had done – he just expected everyone else to fix it for him.

Admitting you are wrong can be hard; getting trapped in a pattern where you never accept that you are to blame is dangerous. King David (of Goliath fame) had a time in his life where he could not see even the most obvious of wrongs he had committed…someone else had to point them out for him.

Let’s not be that guy stuck in the traffic.

“Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, And in the hidden part You will make me

to know wisdom.” Psalms 51:6


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