The wrong key…

I had the key in my pocket; I had no doubt in my mind… I tried it in the padlock but it didn’t seem to fit…I tried it again, it still didn’t fit… I put my glasses on and it still didn’t fit!

Then I realised that it was not the right key and at that moment I also realised that the ‘right key’ was now locked inside the storage cage, inside my bag and that I was standing outside.

I tried to bend the lock…I tried to squeeze my hand into the gap… I had just about resigned myself to finding a set of bolt cutters when a somewhat crazy idea came to me.

I remembered exactly where I had put my keys in my bag…it was in the outside zippered pocket on the right hand side.

The ‘cage’ that was my locker had a series of 20 cent-piece sized holes all over the front and it was just possible to use a well shaped coat hanger to reposition my bag, carefully open the zip and fish for and retrieve the keys.

This MacGyver style fix (without gaff tape, I might add) took me about 10 minutes to achieve to the delight of 3 people who had now gathered to watch and were continually offering (for the most part) unhelpful advice…but to their surprise and mine, I finally had the keys in my hand and not only the keys but the ‘right key’.

I quickly opened the lock, all was well and I was ready to go…

I have many keys on my key ring: car keys, house keys, church building keys, office keys, and there is one key that I cannot remember what it is for but I am too afraid to throw it away!

Unless you have nefarious skills you require the ‘right key’ to open the ‘right lock’. This is true for physical doors but also for emotional and spiritual ones as well.

If you don’t have the right physical keys then you are outside in the cold, if you don’t have the right emotional keys then you are outside in a different type of cold…Spiritual keys speak of Spiritual truths and possibilities of a life of fulfillment and a future of assured peace.

Jesus has provided such keys for us and hopefully they are not locked away out of reach.

“You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door: no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven.” Matthew 16:19

What do you need to ‘unlock’ today?


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