What day would you miss?

I was looking over my daughters planned itinerary for visiting South America in the coming months and we were discussing all the changes of airports and the joys and pitfalls of overseas travel. One thing that stood out to me was on her return journey she was going to experience an interesting phenomena – she was not going to have a 17th August – she was going to completely miss a day because of crossing the International Date Line. Her diary for that day would have to be left blank and she was not going to get it back…

This made me think about which day in my life I would be happy to lose?

Perhaps the day I broke my leg in New Zealand, or perhaps the day I had to put my dog down. Other possibilities spring to mind – the day I split my pants at work and had to survive for an hour using trusty gaff tape, or the day I inadvertently ate contaminated meat in New Guinea and ended up with dysentery for 2 months – or perhaps the day I sat and watched the Twilight movie…possibly the most frightening day of my life!

What day would you like to have missed?

A day when someone let you down or hurt you completely? A day that rings in your memory for only bad reasons? A day when you made a decision which proved to be wrong and caused you unending pain? Or a day where you did something foolish or thoughtless and the outcome was less than ideal?

Unlike travelling west to east across the date line you cannot choose just simply to lose a day. In fact, all of the days I may have listed still taught me something and added depths to my experience (except for the Twilight Movie!). Thinking about it – each day has the potential for great reward and great benefit, if we can look for it and allow ourselves to see it.

Sometimes we long for Saturday or lament over Wednesday but perhaps we are doing ourselves a disservice – maybe what is needed is an attitude which embraces the day and all the possibilities it holds: The relationships; the experiences; and the joy or challenge that is coming our way.

So here are a couple of verses from Psalms to help you focus on the day ahead…

“Teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (90:12)

“This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” (118:24)


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