How warm are you?

I had a nice surprise the other night just before our family headed out to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary…sitting in the front yard was a very nice convertible which had been loaned to us to use for the evening.

The top was down and this fully featured car was ready to go. It was a really cold night but soon we found the various buttons for the heated seats and we got the hot air flowing in the right direction, all which made for a comfortable trip. One challenge was finding the right buttons in the dark when the car was completely new to us …another challenge was that it was a European car and so the turning signals and window wipers were on the opposite side to normal. The first time I turned left, I flicked on the wipers and it took more than a few seconds to reverse the action but apart from that I was fine.

However, one other issue presented itself when we went to drive home – what I was trying to do was to flash my high-beams at a car that I was giving-way to but what I actually did was to turn on the window washers. When you are in a convertible on a cold winter’s night one of the things you don’t want to do is to turn on the window washers…the reason? Well, the window washers fill the windscreen with water but also cause an overspray which fills the cabin with an icy cold and very unwelcome stream!

On a hot day a spray or a drink of ice cold water is very refreshing but in the wrong place at the wrong time it is not welcome at all.

The cold shower reminded me that the wrong thing at the wrong time can be quite unpleasant and each of us may have experienced similar unwelcome things from time to time: You may have been left out in the cold emotionally; you may have had someone pour cold water upon a great idea; you may have started out brave and fiery hot, but circumstances have cause you to retreat to timid and a little chilly…

Peter the Apostle tried to warm his hands and heart at a natural fire when he had grown cold and denied Jesus 3 times – cold water had been sprayed upon him and he was feeling it!

What he needed was inner warmth that can only really come from relationship with Christ – thankfully it was (and still is) available.

The question is… “How warm are you?”


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