What is your flight plan?

There is a lot to be enjoyed about air travel…

  • The fact that the plane is taking you somewhere (hopefully exotic).
  • The fact that you are getting there much faster than walking.
  • The fact that (for the most part) you know when you will leave and what time you will arrive at your destination.

On my recent trip I was sitting and flicking through the screens on the in-flight entertainment system when I came to ‘Flight Information’.

It was filled with interesting information like: The time at my destination; the distance I still had to travel; the speed I was moving at; the strength of the headwind we were battling; the outside temperature (-56o); and a map of precisely where we were and where we were heading.

I don’t know about you but my life has been nothing like that. Countless times I have made plans to be at a certain point at a certain time in my life, only to find that I end up somewhere completely different. As a child I wanted to be a motorcycle policeman, as a youth I wanted to be a professional singer, as a young man I trained to be a teacher…I am now none of those things.

I am not suggesting that my life has unfolded without plan or purpose – quite the contrary.

I believe that my life has been an interesting journey with many turns and equally as many lessons learned. In fact, I could not do what I do nor achieve what I achieve if it weren’t for the experiences I have had and the twists my personal ‘flight path’ has taken.

I am sure that if you look back at your life you may see a similar pattern but the truth is the journey is not over yet.

The Bible gives us an interesting insight…

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way.” Ps 37:23

Whilst none of us claim the title of ‘being good’ completely, it is an interesting promise to consider. I really don’t know where my journey is going to take me next, I don’t know how long I have until I reach my destination, I don’t know if there is turbulence or smooth skies ahead…but I do know this…

My Lord is watching over my way and He is delighting in every new turn I take.

There is a peace and joy which come from placing your life in His hands…it is about recognizing that His plan is far better than ours.


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