What is it time for?

I was talking to an accountant this week who told me, with a little stress in their voice, that it was “Tax-time” again. All over the country individuals and businesses start or complete the preparations to report their income and expenses to the Government. Some do it immediately and efficiently, some procrastinate a little and others leave it right until the last possible date.

King Solomon said – “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven”

It is clear when a certain time has come…

You know when your dog needs to go outside because of the way it scratches at the door.

You know you need to lose some weight when one of the buttons on your shirt pops.

You know when you need to apologise because of the cold response you are receiving.

You know when your car needs filling up with petrol because of the indicator on the dashboard.

You know when it is time to change jobs because of the uncomfortable disquiet you feel inside.

You know when a friend needs help because of the response that wells up within you.

You know what time it is…

The problem is that we often miss appointments and we often miss opportunities. I am sure you can remember countless times when you have missed a ‘moment’ and afterwards said to yourself “I should of…” “ I could of…” or “I would of”.

Missing an opportunity can be a minor thing or, in rare situations, it can be quite major: It can mean the difference between saying something that needed to be said or forever remaining silent; it can mean getting in on the ‘ground floor’ of an opportunity or remaining a disappointed observer on the outside; it can mean exploring an exciting new opportunity or regretting your personal lack of conviction or courage to take the leap.

I have learnt that it is important to know what time it is… I love watches and own several but I am not talking about natural 24 hour time.

I am talking about the ability to recognise what time you find yourself in.

What should you be doing today?

The Bible describes “Today” like this,

“now is the acceptable time, now is the day I will save you”      2 Cor 6:2

So what time is it?

It is the time to be accepted and the time to accept that which is being offered… don’t miss the opportunity!


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