I wiped the dust from the blades of the fan that sat next to my desk; I checked my emails; I straightened the books on the bookshelf and then decided to rearrange them in height order; I checked my emails again; I reorganised some MP3 files on my backup drive; I checked my spam folder; I completed an outstanding invoice; I checked my banking; I checked my calendar; I checked my emails and then it became clear to me that what I was doing was procrastinating.

Procrastination is the art of putting off an important task that you don’t want to do by doing anything else that you would enjoy even slightly more.

It is when you would rather clean out your garage ‘toss cupboard’ than make that phone call you really need to make.

It is when you decide to try and write captions for photos from your overseas trip 5 years ago rather than doing your taxes.

It is when you would rather clean out the lint filter of the clothes dryer than get your resume up to date and apply for that job.

Procrastination hits us all at some time or other – I read a post recently where someone said

“I put the ‘pro’ in Procrastination!”

We tend to procrastinate when we face a difficult or tedious task. The stress of the deadline is not yet upon us and so we put it off with anything else that could (even slightly) deserve our attention. The outcome is that at the last possible minute we jump into action and rush through the task we were dreading and often do a less than perfect job at fulfilling the requirements.

I know that when I procrastinate I am only putting myself under more pressure and affecting the quality of what I am capable of producing.

So it is time to make a decision to change!


‘Today’ is a day to get things done,

‘Today’ is a day for action,

‘Today’ is a day for doing things that matter.


Make sure you realise what is important and what you can’t afford to be putting off.

Whether it is at your work, your home, in your relationships, your private world or in your Spiritual life…stop procrastinating and do it!


“I made haste, and did not delay…to keep Your commands.”                       Psalms 119:60


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