Second hand???

There are some things that it is worth buying second-hand but other things that you want to be brand new…

I currently drive a second-hand car – but it is fantastic…low kms, very clean interior, full mechanical history, great to drive. I have a second-hand motorbike but the previous owner had added loads of ‘bling’ and lots of extras and it rides and looks like it is straight out of the showroom. In the past I have bought a second-hand leather jacket, a refurbished computer and second-hand books but not everything should be second-hand…

I don’t like buying second-hand power tools – I once bought an angle grinder at a garage sale and the first time I went to use it the ‘blue smoke’ escaped and it had to be tossed away – I don’t like second-hand lawnmowers (scrap that…I don’t like lawn mowers at all!) – I would never buy second hand electric fry-pan, ab-crunch machine or underwear – some things are just meant to be new!

When it comes to life experience there are some things that work second-hand or from a distance: it is fun to be a spectator at a football game or a member of the audience at a show – but there are other things that you need to experience yourself to get their full value.

A ‘second-hand life’ is one which simply follows in the experiences and thoughts of someone else without ever really experiencing it for yourself. Basing your life on someone else’s experiences or understandings is fine at the start but real growth is when you have your own experiences and you get to the point where you formulate your own understandings and principles.

How much of your life is governed by what someone else has given (or imposed) upon you? Have you ‘inherited’ your life or ‘discovered’ it for yourself?

Unfortunately many people’s experience of church or religion has been ‘second-hand’. It has been something that was important to someone else and they have just ‘tagged’ along for the ride. Others feel like it is a ‘code of conduct’ being imposed upon them and they pull away or refuse any part of it.

The truth is that this was never what Christ intended. He didn’t want people to have a second-hand experience or a distant relationship – He wanted a personal intimate connection – He wants to know you first-hand. The question is “Are you looking for something new?”


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