More than you asked for…

When I was a 19 year old university student my family had ‘adopted’ a sweet old lady – Liddy – as a grandmother. I used to go around to her house to help her with various practical tasks, which had become difficult for her to manage. One of her delightful habits was that Liddy had different curtains for winter and for summer and at 90, she now needed a bit of assistance to change them over. Another delightful habit she had was that when ever you assisted her in any way she required you to stay for lunch and there was no arguing otherwise. So I hung her curtains and then I had to stop to have lunch.

I sat down and Liddy began to serve the lunch – she removed a family sized Chicken pie from the oven and preceded to cut herself a small serve, I would estimate about an eighth of the pie.

The rest she placed on a large dinner plate with some vegetables and it became apparent that I was expected to finish it!

One thing you could be certain of was that you would never get a ‘small serve’ at Liddy’s. Hospitality and generosity were a big part of her life and that was one of the reasons we adopted her.

I was at a café the other day and I was disappointed when I received my order – it looked like the tide had gone out on my cup of tea and that the piece of carrot cake came from the end of the tin and was burnt… it was much less than I expected and left me feeling short changed. As I sat there I remembered hanging Liddy’s curtains and the meal which followed and I celebrated for a moment the importance of generosity and the power of going beyond what is the minimum expected of you.

Generosity and abundance are two traits that people seldom attribute towards God, many think of Him as limiting or harsh – taking away freedom and bringing discomfort – but my experience of Christ is very different to that.

Liddy reflected an attitude which I have consistently found in Christ in the 37 years I have followed him. He is not wanting to limit you but is willing and “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”

Ephesians 3:20

In fact He wants to do more than you imagine and probably more than you have asked for. Maybe it is time to ask Him for assistance?


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