The Priceless Pearl…

$40… “You have been outbid”

$60… “You have been outbid”

$80… “You have been outbid”

$140… “You have been outbid”


I had the opportunity last week to attend a fantastic fundraiser for the Hornsby Kuring-gai Womens’ Shelter which was generously supported by many different community groups and locals alike. There were interviews, speeches, entertainment and an auction of dozens of items to raise money and awareness for this great and important need.

The way the auction worked was simple but effective – the items were on display and you placed a bid of what you were prepared to pay. What made it interesting was that it was all done on your smartphone so everyone could see what you had bid and they could bid against you. There were at least 4 items that I was prepared to bid on but I was not alone.

I bid upon each item for various reasons: I liked the item; I wanted to have it; I could see its value and, I was prepared to pay above ‘retail’ because it was for a great cause. The only problem was, someone else was willing to pay more… every time I placed a bid – someone outbid me!

Each item went to my personal limit and then beyond – some items ended up just a few dollars more but others went significantly higher than the line I had drawn for myself.

I ended up going home without any of the items but I had at least been able to contribute in other ways and had been a small part of raising over $80,000 on the night but it did make me stop and think…

The 4 items I failed to take home went to someone else because of 3 reasons…

They wanted the item more than me.

They were willing to pay more.

They had the capacity to pay more.

This auction reminded me of the reason I write this column and the name behind it… You are the ‘Priceless Pearl’ that Jesus speaks of in Matthew 13:46… It says that He is like a buyer seeking beautiful pearls and when He found the best one, He gave everything He had and was, to possess it.

The Lord sees incredible value in you and was prepared to give up everything (including His life) to be connected to you. I hope you realise just how much you are worth – and that you make the most of the valuable, in fact ‘priceless’ pearl that you are!


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