Should it stay?

“Should it stay or should it go?”

This is the question we have been asking for the last couple of weeks as we have made our final preparations to move to our new house.

We haven’t moved for well over a decade and so (just like everyone else) we have acquired more stuff than we really need and now is a perfect opportunity to ‘keep or cull’.

Some things are really simple and obvious – a crepe maker that is virtually unused and still in its original box; a coffee machine that is still working well but has been superseded by a better, more effective system; spare parts for bikes which we no longer have…stuff like that.

But other things are more difficult…as I was digging through the ‘treasures’ in my garage I came upon a box of “Fathers’ Day Stuff” and in it I found a number of items which proclaimed me as “The best dad in the world”, cards, paper ties, pottery figures and letters from various years and at various ages of my kids’ childhoods.

It made me think about little tokens or signs I had received and treasured which remind me of people in my world and how they feel about me – I also thought about some of the expressions of love that I had made and wondered for a moment if anyone else had a box with some token of mine from many years ago.

Fathers’ Day brings up different feelings for different people – it can be quite polarising – depending on the connection or lack of connection they had with their Dad.

Some have told me of an incredible list of negatives which make celebrating or even remembering fathers’ day painful – some feel nothing at all and the day passes without comment – for me and others it is one of the days I really enjoy and not just because the kids gifts have improved over time!

Looking through my box I knew almost immediately that it had made the ‘keep’ pile – call me sentimental if you like – but one of the things I treasure most is relationships.

When you do an inventory on what (and who) is important to you, what comes to mind? Which faces, memories or treasures are in your ‘keep’ pile? Does the Father in heaven have a place in your memory or does he seem distant and aloof?

I have found Him to be my greatest treasure of all – one that I desire to ‘keep’ forevermore…

I hope that this Fathers’ day holds something fresh and new for you…


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