Choose for yourselves…

I was just about to make a final decision and I thought that it would be good to gain just one more opinion before I did.

I was in a very large hardware store and I was just about to replace a power saw, which, after many years of faithful service, had finally died.

I had read all of the specifications, compared the models, weighed up the pros and cons and narrowed it down to three possibilities…

from there I had used the filter of ‘price’ and I thought I had my decision – but I just wanted one more opinion.

Just at that moment a helpful sales assistant came up to me and asked “Do you need any help?”

So I availed myself of the ‘expert’ opinion and asked which saw he recommended. Without hesitation, he pointed to a saw which had not made it to my final list of three. I asked him why he recommended it and me gave me a detailed list of specifications but nothing about the detail of his recommendation stood out above any of the others. I asked another question regarding his preference of brands but he could not really articulate the reason behind his choice. One final question revealed what was going on…I asked “Why do you like this saw above the others?” He replied… “I like the colour, I think it looks cool!”

Whilst I value his right to an opinion, I don’t believe that this was a very good way of choosing a power tool! The item he suggested was good to look at and could well and truly do the job but it was significantly more expensive than my list of three and it didn’t seem to have any better qualities or abilities. So I bought the one I was first leaning towards and headed home.

This made me think about how we make decisions – especially the important ones.

What criteria do you weigh and what questions do you ask? Some decisions are small and a wrong choice will make little or no difference but other decisions can be life changing and should not be made based on convenience or simply personal preference.

When considering the biggest question of all, how have you decided the choice you will make?

Check all the details, the promises and the proofs and “…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”                    Joshua 24:15


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