Time for some maintenance…

Over the last couple of months I have noticed that slowly but surely things had been getting worse. I am talking about my ‘high-pressure cleaner” which is one of the machines in my workshop that I have come to love.

I love the fact that when you spray it on the driveway, white concrete suddenly appears as all the dirt and debris is simply blasted away – the only problem is that you immediately see the difference you have made and you have to keep going. It is quite addictive and I can find myself continuing to find things which need a wash and if anything is in my pathway then watch out!

I mentioned that something had changed – it was not too noticeable at first – I was just not happy with the finish I was achieving on the pathways: I looked back after an hour and I thought that I had just missed some sections. The next time I used the machine I felt the same and thought that the water pressure was a bit ‘off’, the following time the motor of the machine started to pulsate and the flow became intermittent. Yesterday I started using the machine and I realised that it was actually less pressure than my normal hose and I gave up, thinking that it was acting like a piece of junk.

This morning I went to the ‘font of all knowledge and wisdom’ (Google) and typed in the model number and the symptoms. What came back were hundreds of people complaining about the same issues I was facing – disheartened, I continued reading and thought that I may have to throw my once-beloved machine away – but then I came across a single post with the technical manual for the machine attached and a detailed comment on how to service the machine and fix the problem. I have now sourced a couple of cheap serviceable parts and I believe I will be able to be back and running at ‘full steam’ very soon.

The problem was that the machine didn’t come with all the information it needed and some simple maintenance could have solved the problems before they occurred. I have found that this is a common theme for life – we lack the information or fail to refer to the instruction manual when it has been provided for us.

Some people see the Bible as archaic literature but I have found it to be a useful and alive source of wisdom and knowledge – reading it helps regulate the pressures I face and keeps me flowing freely and effectively – When was the last time you checked it out?


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