Exceedingly, abundantly, above…

I thought that I could get one more day out of it by I was wrong…I squeezed and squeezed all that came out was a small amount of toothpaste, not enough to get the task done. I even tried using the back of the toothbrush to squeeze the tube a little harder but still nothing came out. There was nothing for it but to head downstairs and across the road to the convenience store to get some more.

I have been travelling quite a lot recently and I always have my soap bag ready to go but I very rarely check it before I leave – usually I am in places that I can resupply but it always seems that something runs out at inappropriate times.

I knew my toothpaste was getting low but I thought that I could last one more trip but it wasn’t to be…

Making sure that you have enough supplies for your family is an ongoing job; the more people who live under your roof the more challenging it becomes. The challenge of making sure you buy the food that they want to eat, the right amount that they will need, that you anticipate what will run out before you next get to the shops and that you are able to fit it into the budget that is available.   Looking after a family is hard and sometimes you find yourself squeezed on different sides and it seems like there is nothing left within.

Everything in my natural world seems to run out, there are limits upon my resources and I cannot do much about that…but there is one powerful thing in my life that I have found to be without limit and never runs out.

I have found that the provision of the Lord has never been diminished over the 37 years that I have known Him. Never once have I felt like I have been squeezing the end of the tube or drawing out the dregs a something that is even close to approaching its use buy date…

So I would encourage you that the next time you come to the end of something that is important to you that you recall that there is a supply and a supplier that never runs out and that he has enough for you.

So when you need to call out to “Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”                       Ephesians 3:20


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