25 years…or more…

It can’t have been that long – but yet it has. This week marks 25 years since my wife and I moved into the Hornsby area to commence our church and to start assisting with the needs of the community. I remember that we moved house on the Saturday and started church in the Berowra Public School on the Sunday.

We have had a great time watching the community develop and grow with countless changes taking place over the last quarter of a century. We have also seen changes in ourselves – when we arrived we had 1 child (now we have 4 adults), when we started I had a very unacceptable moustache and my hair was long and not grey! I also didn’t know as much as I know now but I feel like there is still so much more for me to learn.

The last 25 years have been amazing in terms of change – we have been involved in Gulf Wars 1 & 2 in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the defence of Timor Leste, in 1990 the internet had not been launched, iphones had not been heard of, facebook was not even conceptualised and George H.W. Bush was President of the USA.

We have had 9 Mayors of Hornsby during the last 25 years, 7 Prime Ministers and 2532 contestants on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’

The pace of life has changed, people’s views have changed, you have probably changed and I know that I have definitely changed.

I wonder what the next 25 years will bring? The fact is, that we probably cannot predict the future with any certainty but the future will come upon us no matter what we do.

Actually, I am looking forward to the next quarter century, the technological marvels, the political upheavals, the personal challenges and the individual growth that is coming our way – the future is not to be feared but embraced and the change it heralds will be exciting to navigate.

But I only feel this way because I have confidence in the continuing goodness and grace of God which has kept me and my family for decades. He is the one constant that has been the same from 1990 until now and will still be constant in 2040.

What else could you guarantee for that length of time? What else is stable enough for you to rely on and build upon?

I want to thank you all for being part of the last 25 years of my life and I look forward to the next 25 with you all.


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