Two-Way communication…

“If you require information on ADSL press 1; If you are having difficulties with your fixed line service press 2; if you are having difficulties with your mobile service press 3”…

The problem was I was having difficulties with all three!

I have had a strange time this week where I have found myself on the phone to Telstra every single day. We have just moved house and it has been a challenge to get the phones working – technicians, electricians and multiple phone calls got us to the point where there was a dial tone but no internet…5 more days of phone calls finally saw the internet working but then our mobiles had an issue (yet another call) and finally I got to my office to find that the phone there could make calls out but couldn’t receive calls coming in.

This was a particularly difficult fault to isolate because I don’t tend to call myself at the office when I am there and when I am not there I don’t call the office at all…

A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned that they had trouble getting through to the office but when I picked up the phone to check, it appeared to work fine – it was not until I realised that we had not received any messages for a few days that I really looked into it. It was a strange fault and very rare according to Francesco from Telstra who had become, by this stage, quite a close friend.   Finally, the fault was resolved, final tests were made and I can happily report that everything is working and I can actually start to get some real work done.

But this final fault got me thinking; the ability to send messages but the inability to receive them…is it actually as rare as was suggested?   In my experience I think the answer is no – I meet a lot of people who are very good at speaking but not so good at listening. Many desire to get their point across at all costs but rarely stop to consider the other’s point of view.

Having a ‘one-way’ communication strategy is flawed, a bias that leads to imbalance.

We need a regular ‘two-way’ communication or else we will fail to receive the information and input we require.

Prayer is designed as ‘two-way’ communication – not just a list of requests and requirements. Prayer also speaks of receiving guidance that is desperately needed.

Maybe it is time to check your service?

“Speak Lord, your servant hears!” 1 Sam 3:9


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