What is in your wake?

“Who does that? Why do they do that?

Don’t they know that this is how you are meant to do it?”

We often have very important conversations about very important things in our house and this was one of them. It would seem that someone (only two people use this bathroom and my wife was the one asking the questions…) had left the toothpaste crushed and mashed from the middle when it should have been carefully squeezed from the bottom and left nice and flat.   Several members of the family weighed in and the consensus was, that the offender had done the wrong thing and had left behind an issue for others…part of me wanted to go through the house and squeeze every tube I could find but the reasonable part of me took it ‘on board’ and gave it a little more thought.

When you step onto a boat and cross a patch of water as you look behind you will see a ‘wake’. The larger the boat the larger the wake; the faster the boat the larger the wake.

When you see the footage on television following a cyclone or a tornado they try to show you aerial photos of the path of destruction that the storm has left behind.

We hear a lot about the environmental impact we make upon our world – each individual leaving a ‘footprint’ and most of the time it is a negative impact that is portrayed.

Have you ever considered what you are leaving behind in your ‘wake’?

Are you frustrating others by the heinous misuse of toothpaste tubes? Are you leaving a path of destruction in relationships or interactions you have with others? Are you causing ripples which add excitement, or waves that make people uneasy?

Psalm 23:6 gives a great promise to those who will follow the Lord “surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life”. Usually people see this as a promise of good things coming their way but what if it also means that in our ‘wakes’ we could leave behind these awesome gifts for others?

I have always wanted my life to count for something and just maybe this is a way I can make it happen. The more closely I follow Jesus the more good things will follow after me.

So my question to you today is “what is in your wake?”


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