Are you a success?

In the last month a couple of things have happened which have given me a bit of a ‘pat on the back’ for the work I have been doing.

The first was a promotion in the Army and the second was a ‘raise’ for some consulting that I do for another organisation…I wasn’t seeking either of them out, but I was very satisfied with both.

How do you judge your success?

Are you in a role where you can tell if things are going well?

Is success based on sales or number of contacts?

Is it based solely on profits or the ‘bottom line’?

Is success measured by market share or by the goodwill of your customers or is it dependant upon the outcome for your client?

Perhaps success is about how you ‘feel’ about your work, your level of personal enjoyment or ‘job satisfaction’?

Or maybe it is something else.

I often hear people complain about their jobs, they comment about the hours they have to put in, the travel to and from work, their boss, the person (or people) they have to work with, the peculiar challenges of their role and they usually follow it by saying how they are working harder than everyone else…they also seem often to add that they feel like they are not being appropriately rewarded for their efforts and their level of commitment. What I am hearing is that they don’t feel appreciated and perhaps they don’t feel successful.

If you don’t feel successful it begins to impact your motivation and your sense of fulfilment and purpose. However, if you feel like you are being successful it can motivate you to do even more…bigger sales, more clients, more effective response. The only question that remains is “are we measuring success correctly?”

What if there is a different way that we should be measuring success – what if it is not about promotions, position or the amount of money we earn? It is good to stop every now and then and to think about what really counts as success… maybe there is another view to consider?

“This is what the LORD says: “Let not the wise glory in wisdom, Let not the mighty glory in might, Nor let the rich glory in riches; But let the one who glories glory in this, That they understand and know Me, that I am the LORD, exercising loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD.”  Jeremiah 9:23


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