What is leaking???

I searched for over an hour before I found the problem and the answer was not where I thought the answer should be.

Following the recent heavy rains, the roof of our Church had sprung a leak and so when things dried out enough to be safe, I climbed up to investigate.

The leak was fairly substantial and so I thought that it would be pretty easy to find…but it wasn’t. I worked out where the water was landing and estimated where on the roof the leak ‘should be’ but when I looked there was no broken tile and no holes visible – so I widened the search – a few metres left, right, up and down…still nothing.

So I was puzzled…where could the water be coming from? I checked the plumbing on the other side of the wall – no issues, I got back up on the roof and had another look – still nothing to be seen – so I finally did the one thing that I try to avoid as often as possible and that is crawling through the roof.

At first I still couldn’t see the problem but as I explored I finally found the signs of where things were going wrong. There was a small hole in a tile right over the other side of the roof and the steady flow of water had been dripping onto a timber beam and a little river had been following this beam to its end point which was right above where the leak was emerging.

Puzzle solved, issue resolved…

When I thought about it I realised that this was a pretty accurate metaphor for our lives…we often have ‘leaks’ but they are not always coming from the source we expect. A ‘leak’ could be anything negative which has a potential for doing you or someone else damage: It could be a harsh word; road rage; financial stress; a breakdown in relationships; or an inability to focus at work. It could be any one of a hundred things, all of which leave their mark and cause a level of pain.

Some problems are easy to identify and easy to fix but others can be particularly problematic especially when you can’t recognise where they are coming from. The truth is that one thing doesn’t always lead to another…sometimes it leads to something else.

For instance, a relationship disaster may be the cause of a road rage incident and yet they don’t appear to be related.

Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak” – so my question today is what is ‘leaking’ out of you and do you know why?


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