A fresh flow

I’ve seen it dozens of times in movies and I should have seen it coming but I was lulled into a false sense of security and found myself laughing at my own foolishness.

We recently moved into a new home and in the back corner of our garden is a submerged water tank with a pump attached. This water tank has been on the bottom of my ‘things to fix’ list for a couple of months and last week was the first opportunity I had to look at it.

The problem was that the tank was full but the attached pump was not working and so there was no way of getting the water out. On investigation, the pump was running but was failing to move any water: a little closer scrutiny revealed that water was running through the pump but something was blocking it on the way in. I adjusted the intake valve and tried again but this is where I made my critical error – just like in the movies I found myself looking directly down the pump’s outlet as 10 or 20 litres of black sludge came rushing out, straight into my face covering my whole body!

The problem was that there was about 20cm of sediment at the bottom of the tank and the intake for the pump had been blocked. The sediment had got in because there was no filter allowing leaves and debris of all kinds to slowly make their way to the bottom of the tank and eventually everything stopped.

After I washed the sticky black mess out of my eyes and off my face I thought about the tank of resource that is my life and I also wondered what level of ‘sediment’ is lying hidden within me.

It made me stop and ask the question (which is probably a good one for the starting of the year) “Am I being careful enough about ‘filtering’ what comes into my life or am I allowing debris to ‘clog up’ my effectiveness and my reserves?”

Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” or in other words “What you let in is what is going to come out!”

If you are filling yourself with negatives; anger, bitterness, bad television or questionable internet content then the outcome is going to be debris at the bottom of your tank. The choice is yours and mine – let’s make an effort in 2016 to have a tank filled only with fresh and clean water.


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