Real Connection

I was doing that thing that none of us look forward to after holidays. I was catching up on paperwork, emails and of course, bills.

As I was going through the somewhat significant accumulation of various invoices it struck me just how much money and time I spend on being ‘connected’: There are the bills for our mobiles; the home phone; home internet; office internet; website fees and software costs just to keep it all running. On top of these invoices there is the time that is spent reading emails, responding to text messages, refreshing websites, updating facebook (which I hardly ever do), taking photos for instagram and of course watching youtube videos. All in the name of being ‘connected’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of all of the modern gadgets and the capacity they unlock to enable us to share our thoughts and connect with the rest of the world. The potential would seem almost utopian insofar as we all should be able to express our deepest thoughts and be heard by everyone else – but the reality appears to be just the opposite.

This week Lifeline reported their busiest period in their 52 year history and they point to a sense of increased isolation with the effects of social media being sighted a major cause.

People are communicating more but connecting less. This is leading to loneliness and overwhelming sadness.

We do not know our neighbours, we judge our self worth by the number of ‘likes’ we receive and we present a positive image online whilst feeling less than adequate in reality.

The more we look at the latest updates, the more we start to believe that we are alone and no one understands us…this is isolation at its worst and none of us want to live like that.

We need to talk to others, we need to really connect, we need to make time, take opportunities, put down our phones, close the cover of our Ipad – it will feel strange at first but if you make a start I am sure that you will find others who are craving for the real ‘connection’ that you are seeking.

In the second chapter of the Bible it says “It is not good for man to be alone” By design we are at our best when we are in connection with God and in connection with others.

Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by a small screen – look up and connect with someone today!


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