An extra benefit

Yesterday I got one of those rare surprises that was really welcome.

I received my pay as usual for some work I had been doing but there was a note included that told me that for the last 4 months I had not been receiving a special ‘additional benefit’ that was due to come my way.

It wasn’t a huge amount by any means but it was a daily fee and it certainly added up when you count it for almost 4 months!

Usually I find out that I have spent more than I thought, so this time it was nice that it was the other way around. I am sure that I will find something to do with the money but more importantly, I now know that each day this additional benefit is coming my way.

Imagine going through life not knowing that something belonged to you that was right in front of you for the asking.

Imagine living in a small tent when the house next door actually belonged to you or imagine if you had never been told that the food in the fridge was yours or that you were allowed to use the bathroom instead of heading outside…it sounds ridiculous I know, but it is worth a thought.

What if it is possible to live your life without realising or experiencing all of the benefits that are available to you right now?

What if you are missing out on a daily bonus that is not only available today but is accumulating for you?

Many people have said to me that belief in God or following religion is ‘a crutch’ – suggesting that it is something that only weak willed or feeble individuals would require. My experience is the opposite as I have witnessed extraordinary strength displayed by such individuals – but that is not my point.

What if it is ‘a crutch’, what if it is there to assist you where you are weak or in need?

Wouldn’t it be considered foolish to refuse assistance that is beneficial and so very available?

You would think me strange if I wrote back to the pay clerk and said “take this extra benefit away – I don’t want it” so why would you say “No” to that which is ready and waiting for you?

“Jesus Christ…has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places” Ep 1:3

Maybe you have been missing out on something that has been yours all along…why don’t you enquire to see what is waiting for you?


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