In pursuit…

I came across a story this week of Michael Nicholson of Kalamazoo Michigan who has recently earned his 29th degree and is working on his 30th.   All through his life he worked menial jobs to gain enough money to pay for his growing education and eventually he retired so that he could concentrate on his studies full time. He has one bachelor’s degree, two associate degrees, 22 masters degrees, three specialist degrees and one doctorate.

Some of the degrees are related to education but he has never taught a day in his life. Others are in the area of library science but he has never worked in a library. Still others are in the field of psychology, economics and law enforcement and, you guessed it, he has never been a psychologist, economist or a policeman.

His goal is to get to 34 degrees before he is 85. When asked his motivation he simply said,

“I like going to school but I don’t want any responsibility”.

Not everything we do in our life has to be for a reason…we all have started a hobby or taken up a sport that was frivolous and never amounted to anything. Many of us may have even studied a for a degree but never ended up pursuing the subject as a career… but I hope that none of us are making the same mistake that Mr Nicholson from Kalamazoo is.

I hope that we are working ‘towards’ something. I hope that all we have learned is ready to be passed on in one helpful form or another.

I hope that we realise that we have the potential to influence our world and improve it – even a little.

It would be a crying shame if we never made the difference we had the capacity to make, if we never influenced the lives we had the potential to change, or if we never reached the heights we were invited to walk upon.

It is probably a good challenge to consider today – to think about what you have learned throughout your life and what you have actually done with all that knowledge – hopefully you can see some benefit and you are not like our learned but misguided friend with 29 degrees.

But when it comes to your spiritual life, have you settled for knowing truth or have you pressed on to living a life influenced by it?

Perhaps one more challenge for today?

Hosea 6:3“Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord…” and then live differently because of it!



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