Have a taste…

It was vivid green and it looked just like it was confectionary but then I realised that it was a pile of dried kiwi fruit…I have tried (and love) dried mangoes, apricots, apples, pears, bananas, pineapples, sultanas, dates and figs but I had never seen, or tried dried kiwi fruit.

The voice of my mother ran through my head as she said “You don’t know if you like it until you have tried it…” So I asked for a sample and it was great, and so I bought a full bag.

As I continued to take the opportunity to look through the wares of this exotic spice market in the Middle East, I came across something else that I had never seen. I have heard a lot about it, I have even studied articles which mention it, I have used it as a part of my Christmas pageants, celebrations and stories – it was frankincense – an aromatic resin used in perfumes and oils but it can also be burned for its beautiful fragrance.

I showed interest and a moment later a flame was kindled and frankincense was burning… it was even better than I expected and it was truly fit for a king, just like the gift that was presented to Jesus by the wise men.

Knowing about something is one thing – experiencing it first hand is another.

In our digital age it is possible to have everything at our fingertips, we can be Googleperts who can find out anything about anything. But seeing information on a screen or understanding them as an academic reality is only the start of true knowledge – what we still need, is hands on experience – we need to utilise our other senses of taste, smell and touch.

Many people make judgements based on someone else’s word, they say they don’t like something because of prejudice or history or they allow fear of the unknown to cause them to retreat to safety and previously known security.

I believe that men and women are born for adventure – to reach out and to experience new and exciting possibilities. I am looking forward to other opportunities and other spices I have yet to encounter. But how about you?

Have you experienced the flavour, colour and possibility that a relationship with Christ has to offer? Or have you discounted it because it is something new or different?

Just like the kiwi fruit and frankincense – you won’t know until you have a taste…

“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the one who trusts in Him!” Psa 34:8


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