What did I miss?

What did I miss?

I always love coming home after an extended trip as there a lot of people to catch up with and usually loads of things which have happened whilst I have been away.

I need to be filled in on any major changes, on little important interactions that have occurred, on anything that is broken or in need of attention, or of significant milestones which have been achieved.

After I have caught up with the family, there are a number of calls I have to make, emails to send and a pile of mail to open. Slowly but surely over the next week I will manage to catch up with everything I missed and before long it, will be as though I wasn’t away at all.

But there is another aspect to this question… “What did I miss?’ – What people, activities and items was I most happy to see or experience now that I am finally at home? Dorothy said it in the Wizard of OZ – “There is no place like home!” So what is it that I enjoy and celebrate the most when I finally step through my door?

Is it the connection and intimacy of each different relationship that I have missed? Is it the familiarity or comfort of my own space and possessions that are so familiar? Is it peanut butter toast and a cup of tea enjoyed in my own kitchen? Is it just the sense of being ‘at home’?

Home is different for all of us – normal is only really normal for you and each one of us will miss different things, enjoy different things and celebrate different things when we return after a long trip. But this thought provides me an opportunity to ask a question today “Are you ‘at home’ and if not, what do you miss?”

Jesus told a story about a man and his son – a young man who aches for the chance to move out of home and experience freedom and life alone. After a time, his fortunes change, his money runs out and he ends up face down eating pig’s slop – it is at this moment he asks the question and heads straight for home.

You may not have travelled far from where you call home and you may today be in very familiar surroundings but if you take a moment and look at the spiritual dimension of your life…

“Where are you really and what do you miss?”


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