The Birds…

It was a well-planned and highly practiced manoeuvre – and it left us all totally speechless.

I was sitting at a picnic table in a small park overlooking the water with a couple of colleagues enjoying a cuppa and catching up before we all had to head into a meeting.

Two of us just bought a drink but my close friend also bought a ham and cheese croissant because he had forgotten to have breakfast.

It was a completely normal situation and would have been imminently forgettable except for what happened next… Out of nowhere, there was a fluttering of feathers and a rush of air as a Kookaburra swooped in and stole the top half of the croissant out of my unsuspecting friend’s hand… He couldn’t speak and his mouth was wide with wonder when another Kookaburra swooped in and stole everything that was left!

As we looked up into the trees we could see that it was a well planned, ‘pincer’ move that these birds had practised and perfected over an extended period of time.

A large amount of laughter ensued and the disappointment on my friend’s face was truly epic. He was still hungry so he went and bought a piece of banana bread, which, for some reason he thought would be less appetising to the kookaburras. This time he guarded it well and even though there was an attempted swoop, the banana bread remained safely shielded and was eventually consumed…

Some robberies are small and inconsequential – they can even leave you laughing. Others are annoying and can leave you frustrated and angry (like someone stealing your car space). Still others are violating and debilitating (stealing your car or breaking into your home).

But I think that the worst robberies of all are not when we lose ‘things’ but when we lose part of ourselves – when we lose our joy or our hope for life; when we lose our confidence or our belief in others; when we lose love for people and our faith in God.

I am glad that Christianity allows for less than perfect people who live less than perfect lives.

I am glad that as we approach Easter we can remember that Jesus is all about restoration and returning that which has been stolen.

I am glad that the swoops of Kookaburras don’t determine the future of my life and I am glad that the current challenges and trials I face don’t define or limit me.

This Easter, may you know the joy of a life renewed and restored!


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