The ultimate turnaround!

When was the last time you experienced something turning from good to bad unexpectedly and without warning?

Perhaps it was something really superficial – like ordering a meal from the menu and when it arrives it doesn’t look anything like you expected. Perhaps it was something a bit more important – a task that you thought was going well suddenly takes a turn for the worse and you are left confused and embarrassed.   Perhaps it was something that leaves lasting effects – the breakdown of a relationship or losing someone who was really close to you.

The truth is that we all suffer losses throughout our lives: we lose our innocence; we lose our youth; we lose friends; we lose opportunities; we get injured; people misuse us; hopes fade; we make mistakes; disasters happen and… we eventually come to the end of our lives.

I am sounding every depressing today and that is not my purpose – the fact remains that all of us have (and will) have moments or seasons in our lives where good turns to bad and we are left with an opportunity to respond.

Our choices are either despair or hope.

This is why I love Easter – this is why I celebrate it above all other times of the year – the benefits of Easter pervade every aspect of my life and stand as a powerful hope to us all.

Easter was the ultimate in good turning bad. Jesus – the kindest, humblest and most generous individual – is killed brutally because of jealousy and fear. He had called all men and women back into relationship with God through Himself and the response of the world was to crucify Him.

All our hopes and possibilities seem to die with Christ on the Cross – and yet this is why I love Easter. He is taken down from the cross, placed in a tomb which is sealed and guarded, three days later He rises from the dead to prove and proclaim that He is the Son of God and that hope is alive for all!

If it were not for the good turning bad we would never have seen it turn around yet once more!

Easter is your opportunity, to celebrate hope and to present those ‘bad’ situations in your life to Him… all your hurts, disappointments and pain; all your failures, shortcomings and shame.

He has an answer for them all.

For the words, which rang out on that first Easter, still ring out as loudly today…

“Do not be afraid, He is Risen!”  


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