To fix a tear

It was only a small tear and really I thought nothing of it. It had happened because someone put something sharp upon the cane seat of my handcrafted guitar stool and it had torn through a single layer of the weave. I have had the stool for decades and it was made for me as a 21st gift by a friend. I have always cherished it but it has been out of action for a while.   The reason it was out of action was not the tear I mentioned, but something more significant that happened after. My wife needed to reach a high shelf and so she made the decision to kneel on the seat in order to gain the extra height. I am sure that this had been successfully done many times before but this time the small tear was no longer content to remain small but became a large hole which accommodated my wife’s knee, leaving her in an uncomfortable position trapped inside my guitar stool. I am sorry that I wasn’t there to see it as it seemed like it may have been worth a laugh!

Now this didn’t happen yesterday, or even last month – it was number of years ago and the stool has been sitting (waiting for repair) in my office since that time. I have made use of it – I have stacked different things upon it from time to time, I have even made a temporary seat for it so that it was safe to sit on…but it hasn’t been repaired, it has a large hole in it and it cannot fulfil its purpose.

But yesterday I made a decision that it was time to fix it… a few clicks online and a simple exchange of funds has ensured that the replacement cane-work seat will soon be at my house. It will be a fairly simple fix, removal of the old seat and installation of the new – it will take just over a day to do and most of that will be drying time – I am now kicking myself that I have taken so long to get around to it but that is often the way.

Small tears if left unattended eventually will become much larger – they do not tend to fix themselves. Maybe there is a ‘tear’ in your life that you need assistance with? If there is – I know who I would call…

“…and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of our place to dwell.” Isaiah 58:12


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