A trip down the ‘s’ bend…

There was a worried but somewhat confident look in my wife’s eye as she told me about the problem. It was something that had happened before and she was fairly sure we would be able to solve it this time as well.

She was standing at the sink and had taken off her earings and was giving them a quick rinse when one of them fell out of her hand and disappeared down the plug-hole. She turned the water off immediately and asked me to help her retrieve it.

The hope was that gravity had lived up to its task and the ‘S’ bend of the sink had ‘caught’ the earing before it disappeared forever.

So we emptied the cupboards under the sink, placed a towel in place ready to catch the excess water and I disconnected the plumbing. Sure enough, after a bit of probing and stretching, I had the earing in my hand and it was reunited with its partner. Everything was put back in place and life went on as if nothing had taken place.

None of us like losing things and we always feel better when they are returned to us but that initial feeling of loss is always an interesting phenomena to explore.

If you lose your keys in your house, you will probably be frustrated but you know that they are probably going to turn up (as soon as you retrace your steps). If you lose your wallet on crowded public transport, you know that you are probably never going to see it again. The initial emotion of each of these situations is different because the permanency of the loss is different.

When you know that you have lost something forever you experience not just disappointment but a grief response which will be commensurate with the importance the item held for you. If some time later you have that item returned unexpectantly then your level of joy is overwhelming.

My wife was fairly confident that we would be able to ‘save’ her earing and so she wasn’t particularly distressed – when you have confidence in someone’s ability to resolve a situation it brings you peace and leads to joy.

I have found that I can have total confidence in the Lord Jesus to restore to me those things which matter most. When I lose something, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, I have found Him never to leave me disappointed.

So if you have lost something – look to Him!

“for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10


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