The expired gift card…

Expiry Date – 19 May 2016…

Thankfully we remembered that we had them sitting in the draw by the side of our bed, otherwise they soon would have been worthless.

It is hard to believe that a year had past so quickly but here it was. My wife had been given 2 Gift Vouchers for going to the movies for last Mothers’ day and we had been meaning to take the opportunity for ages.   We have been to the movies in the last year but we either forgot to use the Gift Cards or the movie we wanted to see didn’t fit the conditions limited on the card.

So today is the day – I will redeem the gift cards and we will have an enjoyable night out.

Thinking about it, I have a number of gift cards floating around. They are a very convenient way of giving a useful gift to someone you know – especially if that person seems to have everything that they need. I have gift cards for movies, for restaurants, for hardware stores, for garden shops and of course an itunes card.

In the last few years I have made the mistake of not redeeming a gift card in time, I have got to the checkout, presented my items, scanned the giftcard and found that it has been out of date.

It is very frustrating because it was a waste but more importantly, I also felt like I had let down the person who had given me the gift.

Personally, I think that it is wrong that a gift card has an expiry date, it means that shops are hoping that people fail to claim what is rightfully their’s. However, I understand that a business cannot trade effectively if everyone is holding onto their giftcards for years and years and then present them all at once.

Contrary to all of this I have in fact been given a giftcard which doesn’t have an expiry date. It has the potential for me to draw benefits which make an incredible difference in my daily life. It brings peace, sense of fulfilment, joy, confidence, purpose and understanding. It even has an open-ended clause which continues after I am dead – the only catch? I have to claim it before I leave this life.   The giftcard I am speaking about is my Bible – which contains ‘exceedingly great and precious promises’ for all who will claim them for themselves…but… we have to claim it this side of heaven –

So, do you have a giftcard you need to claim?  


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