Time poor

I am having a scheduling problem today – I am trying to organise a meeting between 6 different people in 5 different states, across 3 time zones, juggling the fact that they are all volunteering for the role and are trying to fit it into their already busy schedules.

Every time we find a date and time, something seems to come up and so it is delayed yet again… I probably will have to just pick a time and those who miss out – miss out.

I remember a time when my life was not so complex, I had a diary but I didn’t really have anything to write in it. Now I have an online diary with lots of different colours depicting the lots of different things that fill up my world. I have even started to book time for things like mowing the lawns and reminders to do things that I should never forget but the busyness of life can somehow supress them and they pass us by.

Do you get the time to do those things that you most need to and want to do? I think that our digital age is enabling us on one hand but is crippling us on the other. I meet people every day who tell me that they are ‘time poor’ and are hassled about the ordinary contents of their day:

They want to catch up with their friends (not the ones on facebook, the real ones!); they want to interact with their families; they want to see the latest movie; they want to master all their hobbies; they want to have a successful career; they want to spend quality time with their kids; they want to go to the gym; they want to relax and have time for themselves…it is exhausting just thinking about what we want to do!

The more I think about it, ‘Time’ is one of our most important assets – if you doubt this, then speak to someone who has a terminal condition and ask them how they feel about ‘time’.

If your time was limited what would change? What priorities would be adjusted and what would you let just slip away?

I know where my priorities would fall, it would not be in my diary but in loving people, loving God and making the world a better place… now actually, that sounds like a plan!

“See that you walk carefully, don’t be foolish, redeem the time you have, we live in evil days…”                                      Ephesians 5:15


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