The split-pin…

Everything was going fine until the wheels literally fell off…

I was moving a large, reinforced piece of plywood from the back of my garage to around the front and I was making use of my trolley which generally makes the task much easier. Everything was going well until the wheel fell off and rolled passed me, suggesting strongly that it wanted to be alone. At this point of course, a two-wheel trolley becomes more like a one-wheeled ‘protractor’ whose only purpose in life is to travel in circles. The only option was to man-handle the plywood around the garage.

Once everything was in place I returned to the issue and mystery of the trolley. It had served me very well for a number of years and it had displayed no tendency for shedding its wheels unexpectantly before…so what was the issue?

On closer inspection I found that there was nothing wrong with the axel, nothing amiss with the wheel, I found the nut on the ground a few metres behind me but the real culprit was not to be found – a small ‘split-pin’ very much like a bobby-pin had fallen out of its hole which had led to the nut unscrewing and the wheel making its dash for freedom.

This ‘split-pin’ is not very strong, its task is not very hard but without it the trolley is useless and even dangerous to operate.

It is often the case in life, that it is the little things which can really count…small actions which make a difference, small attitudes which can lead to issues, small misunderstandings that can fester into huge problems.

A ‘split-pin’ is a key factor which holds my trolley together but what are the ‘pins’ which hold your life together? When the wheels fall off – what is it that has really failed?

The truth is that life is hard at times, things go wrong, people let us down and we make mistakes. All of these are unavoidable, but hopefully in the midst of them your wheels won’t fall off. However, this is a real danger if you are putting your trust in the wrong ‘pin’.

For me the volatility of life can be like a raging sea but I am glad that the ‘pin’ that holds me together is reliable and secure and far stronger than the obstacles I must negotiate.

“This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…” Hebrews 6:19

Maybe it is time to check yours?


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