Spending time…

“I spend a lot of my time…”

I was having a conversation the other day with a close friend and we were catching up and comparing notes as to what had been happening in our respective worlds. Each of us has a few things on; we have multifaceted jobs, we both have families, we have a wide circle of acquaintances and we also juggle other responsibilities which, when all mixed together, require us to carefully manage what we do in order to get done those things which are really important.

As we were talking I heard myself say, “I spend a lot of time in the car” and “I spend a lot of time filtering emails” and “I spend a lot of time writing reports”. What hit me was the thought that I was ‘spending time’. Just like my personal financial budget, I have a commodity which daily I make decisions about how this precious resource will be appointed and distributed.

When I thought a bit more, I realised that I need to be really careful about how I use this resource; in the same way I have to be careful with my money. Each month, like many of you, I have bills I have to meet – mortgages, car payment, food, electricity and the list goes on. The only way I can meet those commitments is to work hard and budget carefully.

But I wonder if you have ever thought of your time in a similar way? The truth is we have a limited amount of it – there are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a year and we have an unknown number of years to walk this earth – the question is “How are we spending our time?”

In some ways it would be a luxury to have no commitments and no financial constraints. It would be easy to choose what we would do and when we would do it – but our reality is very different – we have to juggle our responsibilities and ‘fit in’ those things which are important to us. In the midst of that comes the question – “Are we spending our time doing the things which really matter?” it is always a shame when a time, an opportunity, is past and regret is your only companion. There are also things that can only happen on this side of eternity which determine what happens on the other side of it.

“But this I say, brothers and sisters, the time is short”                                    1 Corinthians 7:29

Hopefully you are ‘spending’ your time well…


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