What are you watering?

It is a little out of character for me and I must admit that I have become just a little bit obsessive about it.

The house I am living in has a very nice piece of lawn – almost perfectly flat, very lush and beautifully green because of some recycled water we have available. This is different to almost every house I have lived in before where the ground was either uneven, sparsely covered, rocky or just simply overgrown. I now have a lawn that has the potential to look great and so I have found myself keeping it very tidy and well mown. But a couple of weeks ago a small obsession began – we decided that we would reclaim an unnecessary garden bed and extend the lawn by about 10 square metres. So I dug out the rocks, the plants, the debris and everything that you unexpectedly find when you start a ‘simple’ project. I flattened out the soil and prepared it well. Then I had to source the right type of turf, so I took a small sample to my local nursery and was told that I needed ‘Sir Walter buffalo’…I filled the back of my car and upon arriving home rolled out the turf to fill the gap which currently looked like a lost tooth in the middle of my garden.

When the grass was in place it looked good, but this is when my obsession began… I was told by the turf seller that all I had to do was to ensure that the grass was well watered for the first couple of weeks. It would not be as green as the rest of the grass but it would improve.

So I watered my grass – this is out of character because I normally would not have cared – later that day I watered it again – the next day and the next I watered it. At first I was uncertain that any change was happening but now (a couple of weeks later), it is going well – looking green and almost completely part of the rest of the lawn – by summer, no one, not even I will be able to tell.

The thought and encouragement that I have taken from this is that ‘whatever you water will grow’.

If there is a part of your life you want to extend or correct, it can be hard work, but if you keep at it, look after it and water it… change will come.

“The LORD will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; You shall be like a well watered garden”                                             Isaiah 58:11


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