It just won’t fit!

I believed that I had thought of everything but as I got to my car I realised that there was one thing I had forgotten…

I purchased a new piano for my church last week and after asking all the relevant questions and trying all of the various functions, I settled on an impressive model which met and exceeded our needs. It was packed away, paid for and we carried it to the car where I realised my mistake. In the midst of my enthusiasm for the purchase I had not thought about how large the item was and the fact that it looked like it was not going to fit in the car. In fact, I was certain that it couldn’t fit in the car.

I immediately started to make other plans in my mind which involved larger vehicles or trailers but the sales assistant assured me that we would fit it in ok, so we persisted. We tried across the rear seats – the doors wouldn’t close. We tried lowering the rear seats and going in through the boot – but it was too wide. We tried moving the front seat forward and skewing it in a diagonal pattern – neither door would shut. Finally we reclined the front seat, moved the drivers seat forward, skewed the huge box in, slid it into the passenger seat and then moved the driver’s seat back into position and we were ready to go – Simple!

I am just glad that I won’t be carrying it around in that box very often but I was particularly impressed with the sales assistant who encouraged me to persist.

Looking at the size of the box that the piano came in I would never have thought my car had the capacity to fit it, but once I had seen it done it was easy. I was just too conditioned to doing things in conventional ways and limiting the possibilities I couldn’t be bothered to see.

Our lives are like this because we fall into fixed patterns of behaviour which limit the possibilities we allow. For many, the thought of allowing something more into their lives is debilitating because they feel like there is not enough room. The truth is that there is probably more room that they realise but they just need some encouragement to see it.

Maybe it is time to allow something more to fit into the confines of your life?

“Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Romans 5:5


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