I am a big fan of recycling but this was more like repurposing…

For the last few months we have been wondering what to do with a large birdcage that adorns our garden. As stated, it is a large birdcage – it would probably qualify as an ‘aviary’. It has the capacity to house 15 medium sized birds or 30 small ones – it has been empty for almost a year and we were glad to see it go to a good home. For the first few weeks I asked everyone I knew – “Do you want a birdcage?” but there were no takers. But then an odd thing happened – during an extended family lunch the ‘in-laws’ said ‘Do you want to sell your birdcage?’ I told them I was happy to give it to them but also mentioned that I didn’t know that they were interested in birds. “We’re not… we want it for our cats!”

The fact is that they live up the coast in a rural area and they have several cats and they want to keep them contained in so they don’t get attacked by native wildlife and visa versa.

This repurposing of my ‘birdcage’ to a ‘catcage’ caught my fancy as it is quite incongruous and a real turn of the tables. Many times in the past I have seen cats eyeing off birds as they sit in cages but now I envision several cats being gawked at by birds from the outside of the cage looking in – tormenting them and getting their own back! Of all the possible uses this was the most surprising.

As I thought about the future of my catcage it made me stop and think about other unexpected changes that have occurred in my life. It also made me consider that things that are currently headed in one direction do not always have to remain on the same course.

Near the end of the Bible Jesus says…

“Behold, I make all things new… for these words are true and faithful.”  Revelation 21:5

Is it possible that a part of your life may need ‘repurposing’? Just because you have been heading in one direction for a long time doesn’t mean that there is not a different way to go.

Is it possible that the Lord may have something ‘new’ for you? He said ‘all things new’ so it is likely that you qualify… who knows what you might become or where your new direction may take you…


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