A push too far…

There was no way that I could manage on my own, all I could do was sit there and wait…

It had been one of those days where things just seemed to go wrong in groups of three. My son had borrowed my car for a couple of days, my daughter’s car had a flat battery and my motorcycle wouldn’t start… I finally attempted to roll my bike down my long and steep driveway in the hope that I would be able to jump start and after a promising splutter it just died. This left me with a 250kg bike at the bottom of a large hill with no-where else to go. I push it up the hill as far as I could go and tried to roll start it again – with the same futile outcome… so I was stuck.

In an act of bravado and desperation I tried to push the bike up the hill once more but my best effort only got me a quarter of the way up. By this time I was sweating, my legs were like jelly and it was clear that if I continued, I would end up hurting myself or damaging the bike.

The only thing I could do was wait for someone to come by and give me a hand. After about an hour my two daughters and a fiancé turned up to find me sitting forlornly at the bottom of the drive – between the four of us we were able to get the bike back to the house and we all took the opportunity to sit down to recover. What I couldn’t achieve by myself was doable (although still with effort) by having others help.

It seems that this is a lesson the Lord continues to reinforce to me through the things hat happen in my life – I will admit that I am a bit of a ‘slow-learner’ when it comes to being fiercely independent – but I don’t think that I am along in this.

From the beginning the Lord has said it is ‘not good for a man to be alone’ – we were made for togetherness and community. Isolating or positioning yourself so that you do not let anyone else in, is actually harming you and robbing others of involvement and opportunity.

It is not until things get too much for us that we reach out for assistance.

Perhaps my motorbike is a lesson for more than just me – perhaps you need to let down your guards and admit that there are times when you need assistance as well.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7


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